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You never forget your first AMSACon.

Or your second. Or tenth. At AMSA’s Annual Convention — AMSACon —  the energy is palpable. The air is super-charged. And the vibe is fantastic. 

And that is no wonder. Something incredible happens when the next generation of physicians joins forces with experts, innovators, activists and medical trailblazers for three days of deep learning, training and activism. 

This year, we’re drawing from our roots.

Our grassroots. Equity and inclusion, social justice even, have been core to our identity since our inception in 1950. And much of our work comes to a rolling boil at AMSACon every spring as we gather to ideate, innovate and make impact.

There is inspiration to be drawn from our past: the decades of activism, the movements we’ve advanced, the change we’ve made. Let’s summon up this energy and convert it to action — we have work to do.


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