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May 30 - June 1, 2024

Washington, D.C.

Convening idealists.

Once a year, we come together as a diverse force of future physicians banded together with a common goal: positive change. For three days, we learn from medical experts, innovators and trailblazers through keynotes, hands-on workshops, interactive sessions, and ample opportunities to network. Make lasting connections. And have fun along the way.

Join us.

This is #FP4Change2024

To achieve health equity, we need to dare to blaze the new path to health equity. We need to equip ourselves with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make the world a better place through medicine. And this is where it all happens. 

Come eager to learn. Leave inspired, equipped and ready for what’s next.

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From medical experts, leaders and movement-makers—through inspired keynotes, hands-on SIM-training and much more—to give you a leading edge.


Take that issue that keeps you up at night, prepare to make your case (alongside fellow future physicians) and take it to Congress. Literally. We do that here via Advocacy Action Days.


Develop professionally—present research via a poster session, work on your CV, sharpen your communication skills and more.


Meet the leaders behind the movement to realize change in health care—and those like you who are fueling this momentum. It’s an inspired, diverse network—here to support you and your goals.

Hit the ground running.

#FP4Change is not just an event. It’s a movement.

By getting involved in the months leading up to May, you hit the DC-floor ready to network, meet your new friends in person, present a poster, compete for cash prizes and tap into all the opportunities that await you.


Check out how to make the most of it.


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