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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

AMSA recognizes the need to provide attendees with a safe experience at our events. We will continue to monitor and follow all current CDC guidelines and those of state and local authorities. At this time, we are requesting that all AMSACon attendees plan to wear masks in accordance with the current CDC recommendations. 

AMSA will not require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to attend in-person events. However, we encourage all attendees to be fully vaccinated and get the flu vaccine to protect themselves and others. If you are not feeling well or test positive for COVID, please do not attend in person. 

AMSA events are structured to provide space with sufficient physical distancing and crowd control. However, we understand the realities of COVID-19 and how much it affects the health community in relation to travel and institution restrictions. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the April 2022 conference will be a hybrid one. 

Please be aware of restrictions placed on your country of origin for those traveling from overseas, as travelers from some countries are required to quarantine for two weeks


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