AMSA X SMNA - Future Physicians for Change

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AMSACon — multiplying impact. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be joining forces with our friends at SNMA—the Student National Medical Association—for this year’s Annual Convention. What was two conventions is now one—merged together in the name of activism, community and safety during this crisis.

Our two organizations share alignment: AMSA exists to embolden future physicians to realize change; SNMA shares a similar mission; they are committed to supporting underrepresented minority medical students.

Together, we share the belief that now is the time to bring medical students together—as a collective force—amplified for impact, bonded together in advocacy. We agree that is not the time to stand still, now is the time to connect, share ideas, advocate for better systems, policies and practices in healthcare. 

“AMSA and SNMA invite you to join us as we empower medical students all over the country to not only overcome the current pandemic but to fight for equal, equitable and accessible health care for everyone in the future.”

 – Isaiah Cochran, AMSA National President

Moreover, SNMA shares our enthusiasm for piloting our first-ever, virtual convention — finding innovative ways to connect, learn and activate. 

This will be our biggest Convention yet—
being virtual and now partnered with SNMA, we’re hoping to: 

  • Double the number of attendees
  • Significantly increase our residency fair offerings and 
  • Open the doors to new connections, alliances, friendships. 

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