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Reproductive Health Programming & Skill-building Opportunities

AMSA believes reproductive health services are essential to comprehensive health care, and we support full access to the entire range of reproductive services. We believe legal, safe, voluntary abortions should be available to all who need them, regardless of how much they earn, who they work for, or what state they live in. AMSA also believes both Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) and Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs should offer abortion education and training — especially Family Medicine & OB/GYN residency programs.

The AMSA Abortion Care & Reproductive Health Project addresses the “hidden curriculum” in medical school, prepares students to think critically about abortion-related education and training opportunities, and provides students with issue education, advocacy training, and hands-on skill building sessions. We work with AMSA members, chapters, alumni, and allies to ensure a diverse physician workforce that includes highly skilled, culturally sensitive physicians prepared to provide abortion services to those who need them in various health care workplaces.

Join us at FP4Change 2024 for clinical skills-training including MVA “Papaya” & IUD insertion, dynamic discussion with key reproductive health & justice thought leaders, & more… Details coming soon!

Scholarships to attend FP4Change 2024 are available to U.S. premedical and medical students who are AMSA members to present research posters on abortion care related to reproductive justice, research, curriculum and training experiences, advocacy, etc. at the FP4Change2024 Poster Session.
Scholarships are limited –  Apply Today!


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