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Sim Challenge 2024

Sim Challenge 2024

In life or death situations, the practice of medicine is never a game. But preparing for it can be. Join us for the annual AMSA International Sim Challenge — one of the most popular events at #FP4Change.

What’s this?
AMSA’s simulation competition is designed exclusively for aspiring medical professionals like you. Teams of 4-5 students will compete in a series of simulated clinical scenarios requiring medical knowledge, clinical skills, teamwork, and communication. In each round, teams will be presented with a clinical case. Each team will have ~15 minutes to evaluate, discuss, and present their findings. A panel of judges will determine the winner for each round.*

I want to compete — what now?
Designate a school captain, assemble your team and register by April 30, 2024!

Are you a premedical student? Don’t miss out on the Premed Sim Challenge—an incredible opportunity where students compete in teams of 4-5 in simulated clinical scenarios, demonstrating their medical knowledge, clinical skills, and communication abilities. This exciting challenge is set to take place at #FP4Change in Washington D.C. on June 1st, 2024. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges.


Teams must apply by April 30, 2024. There will be no onsite registration for this competition. Please review the complete Team Requirements and Terms and Conditions here.

* Note: The SIM Challenge schedule will be finalized closer to the event, but all teams should arrange to arrive at the conference hotel in time to participate in the preliminary round on Thursday, May 30th at 11:00am.

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