Advocacy Day 2024 - Future Physicians for Change

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Advocacy Day 2024

Advocacy Day 2024

On May 30th, 2024, on the Hill we will lift our voices as future physicians to the Senate and Congress to educate and advocate for the kind of healthcare system we want to work in and the healthcare we want for our patients, families, & communities.


Join Future Physicians for Change for exclusive training sessions led by key experts, tailored background information, and direct connections to our Action Committees and teams. Dive into comprehensive advocacy skills training sessions and more, all designed to equip you as a future physician leader! Here is a general overview of what you can expect on Advocacy Day at  Future Physicians for Change 2024 on May 30th, 2024:

Advocacy Day - May 30, 2024


    • 8:00 AM Coffee and Tea (ends at 8:30 AM) 
      • Provided by AMSA’s Reproductive Health Team.
    • 8:00 AM: Welcome Address and Schedule Review – Hosted by Student Doctor Oak Sonfist
    • 8:30 AM: Opening Address – Hosted by Dr. Jeff Koetje, MD
    • 9:15 AM: Advocacy Day Folder Hand Out and 15 Minute Bio Break
    • 9:30 AM: Advocacy Day Topic Breakout Training
      • Rotating to a new topic every 40 minutes, with 5 minutes to get to the new training session location in the hotel, with three training sessions total.
    • 11:45 AM: 15 Minute Bio Break 
    • 12:00 PM: Etiquette on the Hill Review – Hosted by Dr. Richard Bruno, MD


    • Attire: Business Formal with White Coats preferred/Business Formal if you are pre-med. 
    • 12:30 PM: Gifts – Obtain Brown Paper Bag Gift at check-in table
      • Wear your AMSA pin on the lapel of your left suit jacket or white coat.
    • 12:30 PM: Travel to Capitol Hill
    • 1:00 PM: Signaling Home Base and Group Reorganization
      • Additionally with Group Photo at Capitol Hill.
    • 1:30 PM – 2:00 PM: Meeting with Executive Director of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, Aviva Abusch
      • Will walk over as a group.
      • Meeting on Capitol Hill Steps (House side).
    • 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM:  Legislative Meetings
      • Go to scheduled meetings with Legislators.
      • Participate in the “Selfie with a Senator” Challenge.
    • 5:30 PM: Advocacy Day Wrap Up at Hotel

This year, we’re zeroing in on 3 core issues


Bridging healthcare gaps: Physician/Resident Pipeline


Healthcare Access: Reproduction and Abortion Rights


Enhancing Healthcare Equity: LGBTQIA+ Health Access

Tasty Specifics

You will receive in-person training with key experts, resource materials, and background info. Then, you will be connected with our Action Committees and teams, who will help you lift your voice for your meetings with your U.S. Senators. You will also be matched with AMSA members from your state and district to plan for your meetings and travel to the capitol together via ride share.


The in-person meetings will be scheduled with Senators, and you will be paired with other AMSA members from your voting districts. It is mandatory to wear formal business attire (with a white coat if you are a medical student or doctor). Meetings are generally held with Legislative Aides who work on your selected issue and average about 15 minutes. You will be scheduled for at least one meeting during the day. 

During the day when you are not in your legislative meetings, there will be alternative activities for you to participate in near the capitol. This will include some very fun and exciting activities. We will return to the conference center for a conclusion dinner at the end of the day. 

You will sign up to participate as a part of your conference registration. When you sign up, you will select the issue area you are interested in from among the AMSA Advocacy Priorities for 2023-2024. Specific legislation we will address will be determined in March/April based on where bills are currently in the legislative process.

Deadline: register by April 30th, 2024, at 11:59 PM ET to participate in Advocacy Day.

Whether this is your first legislative visit or you’re fluent in activism, our Advocacy Day is for you. Lifting your voice to our legislative leaders isn’t just an essential practice in democracy – it’s a chance for you to advocate for the issues you care about and ensure they hear from future physicians actively working to improve the lives of ourselves, our future patients, and our communities. 

During our Advocacy Day, you will build key skills that will serve you throughout your career. We will prepare you for your meetings with members of the Senate so that you can feel comfortable in your advocacy skills.

As future physicians, advocating for our patients and communities is a responsibility we should exercise throughout our careers. The power and privilege that comes from donning our white coats give us a unique opportunity to influence policymakers. Since health policy is so broad, our work doesn’t stop here – having relationships with the offices of our elected officials throughout our training and our careers will help to advance the issues we care about.



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